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Tigers between the Covers

Tiger Wallahs
Saving the Greatest of the Great Cats
Geoffrey C.Ward & Diane Raines Ward
Oxford University Press, Rs 225
Geoffrey C Ward is the award winning author of eleven books and is a scriptwriter for television. Diane Raines Ward is a former picture editor and author of Water Wars.The Wards have founded the non-profit Tiger Action Fund for India in New York. For many years they have been visiting Indian jungles drawn by their beauty and the mystery and power of the great endangered predator that has always ruled them -the tiger. In this very personal book, they combine history, biography and first hand reporting to evoke the special appeal of India's forests. Geoffrey Ward also describes some encounters with the Tiger Wallahs such as Jim Corbett, Billy Arjan Singh, Fateh Singh Rathore and Valmik Thapar who have struggled against overwhelming odds to save the species from extinction. Evocative and well illustrated this book documents the conflicts that plague efforts to save the species and is for general readers as well as wildlife enthusiasts. Put on the following page

This is the Jungle
Kenneth Anderson
Rupa& Co, Rs.150
Kenneth Anderson was considered the Corbett of the south due to his reputation as a killer of maneaters. His stories are from many places across South India.Hailing from a Scottish family settled in India for six generations Kenneth's love for the Indian jungle led him to big game hunting and eventually to writing real-life adventure stories. His book are hailed as classics of jungle lore descriptive and engaging. He wrote several books such as Nine Maneaters And One Rogue ,The Black Panther of Sivanipalli and Other Adventures of the Indian Jungle (1959) ,Jungles Long Ago ,Man Eaters and Jungle Killers ,Tiger Roars ,Tales from the Indian Jungle . Kenneth Anderson's books also give a valuable insight into the Indian jungles teeming with wildlife and forest tribes.

Tiger ,the Ultimate Guide
Valmik Thapar
OUP CDS Books,Rs.1,950
Perhaps no other animal is written about as thoroughly as Tiger.Valmik Thapar an author of 14 books is one of India's most famous wildlife experts and conservationists.Having spend decades on watching,photographing and fighting for the survival of tigers Thapar has created a niche for himself.Tiger the Ultimate Guide has full information on tigers,myths,tiger behaviour and brillaint photographs depicting cultural and conservation history of the tigers.

Jungle Lore
Jim Corbett
Jim Corbett whose Maneaters of Kumaon is best known book but book like Jungle Lore revealed the wisdom and inner growth of this great hunter turned conservationist.His chilling tales of man-eating tigers and leopards are still loved by all.He made a passionate case for conservation long before the issue became a priority.His love for the animals is reflected through his writings.

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