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Tigers are one of the biggest among the 37 species of cats in the world today. The Cats range from the domestic tabby that stretches contentedly in front of you and occasionally gives in to its primitive hunting instincts, dropping a half dead bird at your feet, to the mighty lions of Africa and Asia which depend on their hunting instincts and skills for survival. Strictly speaking, only five of these species are 'Big Cats'.

According to a recent global report on tigers - Bringing the Tiger Back from Extinction, eighteen sites in India can support up to 1500 tigers more than the country's tigers population if the available resources are utilised properly.

There are less than 3500 tigers in wild around the world of which 1411 are in India with its habitat falling by over 50% in last 30 years. Globally tigers occupy less than 7% of their historical geographical landscape.

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