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Planning a wildlife safari

There are usually two types of tourists who visit wildlife sanctuaries. The first type is those for whom a visit to wildlife sanctuaries is a part of an overall itinerary. For this type of tourist not much of planning is needed as this would have already been done. The second type are those who are keen wildlife enthusiasts.

Accommodation For Wildlife Safari

The facilities available for food and shelter at the sanctuary should be confirmed by writing to the concerned officer in advance as far as possible.

Advance knowledge Of Wildlife Safari

Advance knowledge about animals, birds of the sanctuary from available literature will help in closer observation of wild life.

Clothing For Wildlife Safari

One should choose clothing suitable to the occasion and environment. A wildlife watcher should be inconspicuous as possible. Animals have very keen sense

Season for visiting Jungle

Some sanctuaries are open for only 6 months a year while some others may be open throughout. This must be known in advance and the tour planned accordingly. Special treatment For Wildlife Safari A dedicated wildlife enthusiast can get preferential treatment if he carries a letter of introduction certifying that he is dedicated to the cause of wildlife preservation.

Timings For Wildlife Safari

Entry to the wildlife sanctuaries are regulated so one should reach well in time.

Transportation For Wildlife Safari

The mode of transport available inside the sanctuary should be ascertained to effectively utilize time in the wildlife sanctuary.

Viewing wildlife

Generally early mornings and late afternoons are the best time for viewing animals from atop watch towers/machans located near the waterholes as these will provide an excellent view. However one should keep the company of a forest guard and carry sufficient water and food for such viewing. A keen and serious wildlife enthusiast should avoid the company of general tourist team which is likely to be noisy and tend to frighten away the animals. It needs patience and flexibility in planning as the movement of wildlife is not always predictable.

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