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Rides In Jeeps, Vans And Cars In Jungle

A majority of the national parks and some wild life sanctuaries provide facilities for rides in a vehicle. Jeeps, vans and minibuses are generally available. Some sanctuaries permit private vehicles inside the sanctuary area. Rules lay down by the sanctuary officials must be followed. The vehicle should have a local guide or an official. Animals are never to be disturbed as this could be dangerous. The vehicle should be in good working condition with an adequate quantity of fuel. The color of the car should be dull and as far as possible white or orange color should be avoided in elephant jungles. All types of noises are to be avoided and horns are never to be sounded. In case of a breakdown, stay in the vehicle and do not loiter around. Jungle roads are bumpy and as such it takes a lot of skill to take good photographs. A discussion with the forest rangers and guards about the movement of tigers before undertaking the journey will make the trip more fruitful.

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