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Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Tadhoba Andhari Tiger reserve is located in Chandrapur district in the Vidharba region of eastern Maharashtra. It is 142 km south east of Nagpur and 45 km north of Chandrapur.This reserve is located in the centre of India. It became national park in 1955 and notified in 1986. It was declared as tiger reserve in 1995.It is named after temple near Tadoba lake dedicated to the local Gond warrior Taru who died fighting a tiger. There are six villages still inside the reserve and numerous villages surrounding the park. Tadhoba is a southern tropical dry deciduous forest of Deccan Peninsula. There are teak forests with bamboo thickets and other indigenous trees like mahua, ain, dhawda, tenndu and jamun.It is a well managed park with full protection for the animals. It covers the hilly area of Chimur Hills. Tadoba Lake at the central of the reserve is a perennial water source for the region.

There are 195 species of birds including crested serpent eagle, honey buzzard, paradise fly catcher. The mammals include tigers, panther, bear, small Indian civet, palm civet, wild dog etc. There are more than 70 varieties of spiders and butterflies including other insects. Tadoba's biggest offer are the frequent and diverse wildlife sightings which is every wild lifer's dream.

Getting to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve:

Area: 625 sq.km

Getting to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve:

By Air:

The nearest airport is at Nagpur which is 142 km from the reserve.

By Rail:

The nearest station is at Chandrapur which is 45 km from the reserve.

By Road:

NH 7 from Nagpur till Jamb and then state highway 264 to Warora and Chandrapur. District road from Warora to Tadoba via Shegaon and Midholi.

Best time to visit Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve:

The park is open for most of the year but the best time to visit is from November to May. In the summer when water becomes scarce most of the animals including tigers can be seen near watering holes. Tigers can be spotted in April and May but the temperature can really shoot up to 46 degrees.

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