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Precautions in the Jungle

  • Do not expect to see wildlife in the sanctuaries as a matter of routine. Be patient to locate them. Do not be disappointed even if you do not see any animal.
  • Silence and discipline are two main requirements for a visit to a wildlife sanctuary both for success and personal safety.
  • Small groups should be formed rather than a big one.
  • Early morning and late afternoon are rewarding times in most jungles. Protect yourself from rain and cold.
  • Avoid going alone on foot in jungles. Avoid loud colored clothes. Use colors which will camouflage you in the jungle.
  • Inform the sanctuary office and always take a forest guard along for your trip inside the jungle. The guard knows the track and movements of the animals.
  • Carry sufficient films and spare camera as opportunities are rare. Binoculars are a must.
  • Don't disturb or tease animals.
  • Trekkers should take anti-leech measures. Use jungle boots, caps and walking stick. Watch out for plants which could cause allergy.
  • Carry medicines for common ailments including antivenom serum.
  • Avoid smoking. Do not throw lighted objects carelessly. This may cause fires.
  • Avoid using transistors and radios in sanctuaries. Do not disturb the peace and tranquility.
  • Don't throw waste material or food. This could be harmful to the animals.
  • Don't judge the actions of the animals from a human angle. They follow certain biological behavior which may be unknown to us. Never interfere. Just watch.
  • Always remember animals have the right of way and you are only a visitor.
  • Do not cross the safe distance limit to an animal. Your guide will advise you on this.
  • During boat rides do not rush to one side on sighting an animal. Do not bend to touch water.
  • Do not swim in unknown places or beaches. It could be dangerous.
  • Get as much details as possible about the sanctuary before entering it.
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