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Tiger Trivia and Tales

The earliest known portrayal of the Royal Bengal Tiger in India comes to us from the Indus Valley Civilization where a 2500 BC seal featuring a tiger was found.

The tiger has been depicted in the 3000 BC rock paintings of the Warli tribe in the state of Maharashtra.

In the 1960s the Kanha National Park played host to George B Schaller one of the greatest naturalists of the 20th century. He undertook the first ever scientific study of tiger behavior in a natural habitat.

Although incidents of tigers attacking humans are very rare, they do happen. In 2004 a villager was mauled while sitting at a roadside stall near Corbett Park.

In the year 2005, a US- based internet portal petsonline.com put up two advertisements for sale of the Royal Bengal Tiger. The auction started at $ 2,000.Buying and Selling of Royal Bengal Tigers is prohibited under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

One of the most magnificent forests in the country Simlipal occupies an important position as the habitat of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Popularly referred to as Tiger Country there is evidence that Simlipal is the abode of the rare black or melanistic tiger. The deep jungles provide a safe haven to these tigers.

One folk tale narrates that tigers were created because men were too fearless. However the cats soon made it unsafe for the people to even collect wood. Accordingly the gods instructed tigers to restrict their killing which is why they attack humans only sometimes.

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