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Sub Species of Tiger

There are eight sub-species of tiger. These are

  • Panthera tigris tigris, commonly known as the Bengal tiger
  • Panthera tigris corbetti, known as the Indo-Chinese tiger
  • Panthera tigris sondaica, known as the Javanese tiger
  • Panthera tigris virgata, known as the Caspian tiger
  • Panthera tigris altacia, known as the Siberian tiger
  • Panthera tigiris amoyensis, known as the Chinese tiger
  • Panthera tigris sondaica, known as the Sumatran tiger

The Bengal tiger is the most majestic of all the species of tiger. It has a uniform orange coat, white paws and lower parts and dark transverse stripes. The Indo-Chinese is slightly smaller and its coat too is slightly darker than the Bengal tiger. The Indo- Chinese tiger has shorter stripes and narrower too. The Javanese and the Sumatran are very similar to the Indo-Chinese tiger, they are however smaller in size and their stripes are much less well-defined. The Sumatran has the darkest fur of all the tigers. The Caspian tiger has the longest fur of all the tigers. The Siberian tiger has long furs too which is a great help for its survival in the extreme cold climate.

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