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Tigers as man-eaters and cattle-lifters

Tigers are often maligned for their aberrant behavior reflected in their lifting cattle and sometimes killing and eating man. It is the disturbance or damage to the tiger or its habitat that induces or compels it to act in such a manner. The tiger by training and instinct learns to avoid man. However when a wildlife habitat is degraded causing a reduction in the population of natural prey, tigers are driven to occasionally taking cattle.

This may lead to conflict between man and tiger and there may be situations when being chased away from a livestock kill a hungry tiger launches an attack on man to prevent such deprivation. A few such instances may embolden a tiger to take to man-killing. Also there are sometimes attempts by people to avenge livestock killing by shooting tiger. Often such attempts only end in wounding or injuring a tiger that out of vengeance and partly because of its inability to kill wild prey because of the injury goes for cattle or even man.

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