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Park Ethics

Obtain entry permit before entering the sanctuary.

Watch and observe nature in all its glory and let it speak for you. Please do not shout, play music or blow horns while in the sanctuary.

Keep fire away. This is the most destructive of all forces. Please do not kindle fires, throw lighted matches, cigarettes, bidis etc.

Keep pets at home.

Do not carry firearms, explosives etc.These are prohibited as per law.

Keep sober. Do not consume alcoholic drinks within the sanctuary.

Entry inside the forest sanctuary. Follow the specific road/path only.

Picnics are not permitted inside the sanctuary.

Do not tease the wild animals. Watch and observe the nature silently.

Drive slowly wherever permitted. (Permissible speed is 20 km/hr).

Disorderly conduct is not permitted.

No person shall hunt, destroy or remove or collect any forest produce or wildlife.

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